Learn the Basics of Sewing as you learn the Basic Operation of Your Sewing Machine and More!

1) Have you wanted to learn to sew, but didn't know where or how to begin? 2) Do you have a sewing machine that's still in its box, and you're afraid to take it out and learn to use it? 3) Do all of those dials, buttons and built-in stitches intimidate you, so you just keep the machine packed away? 4) Let's crush your fear, and kick your intimidation out the door! Click the blue button to get my newsletter with lots of tips, tutorials, and help.

-- -- -- -- -- -- "Sandy makes learning to sew fun!" Sheila M. -- -- -- -- -- -- "I really learned a lot about how my sewing machine works in Sandy's class. Thank you!" D.P. -- -- -- --

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