Go from fearful intimidation of operating your sewing machine to total confidence as you learn sewing basics.



Do you want to operate your sewing machine with total confidence?

I can help you with that. Here’s what to do next!


Is your sewing machine still in its box and you don’t know where to begin? Here is where you can get the help you need. With my Tame Your Sewing Machine Fear – Your Checklist For Success printable resource you’ll have your sewing machine set up and ready for a very satisfying sewing journey in less than an afternoon.


Did you know that sewing reduces stress, is beneficial to your health, and actually helps you save money on gifts? Read How Sewing Reduces Stress.


Check out the 12 Items For Your Basic Sewing Tool Kit here, for my favorite essential sewing tools for beginners.


Hi, I’m Sandy, and I want to help you learn to fearlessly operate your sewing machine without intimidation, while learning the basics of sewing.

I know what it’s like to be fearful and intimidated by my sewing machine – after all, it is a power tool! If you’ll allow me to help you tame your fear, I can assure you that you’ll learn to use your sewing machine to sew just about anything you want with success. Want to learn more about me?