Hi, I’m Sandy!

and It’s my honor to help you Achieve sewing machine success BY ELIMINATING your fear & intimidation!

Is your sewing machine still in its box, or still in the closet?  Are you too afraid to get it out and set it up?  Are all those built-in stitches intimidating to you and you’d just like to have someone show you, step-by-step, how and where to get started?

Well, help has arrived! My passion is teaching and helping sewing beginners get over their fear and intimidation of learning to operate their sewing machine, AND to learn basic sewing techniques along the way, so they can sew anything they like.

But it didn’t start out that way!   

Just like you, I’ve been fearful and intimidated by a sewing machine.  After all, sewing machines are power tools!  And if you aren’t familiar with using power tools, it can be rather overwhelming, AND scary.

As a licensed and certified sewing instructor for about 29 years, I have helped many students, new to sewing who struggle to learn how to use their sewing machine, easing their fear and intimidation of learning their machine.

And that’s exactly what Your Sewing Coach is all about.

I’ve been teaching many different skill-levels, over the years, and when I see that “light-bulb” moment on a student’s face it makes me realize that I’ve helped her, or him, overcome their fear and intimidation of sewing, no matter what their level of skills are.

So, my passion is to teach you to use your sewing machine to its fullest potential while you learn a satisfying, valuable, lifelong skill.

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